Little St Bernard Pass, Mont Blanc – Alps – Europe Motorcycle Trip Part 7

9 days, 4350 miles, 1 girl, 1 motorbike – Pyrenees and Alps – Part 7

21/06/2016 – day 7 part 1

Bourg-Saint-Maurice – Little St Bernard Pass – Mont Blanc – Nufenen Pass – Grimsel Pass – Furka Pass – Oberalp Pass – Malvaglia

Once I woke up, got ready, packed the bike and set off. As there was a supermarket two minutes away, I decided to stop there to get something quick for breakfast and some food and juice for the day. Then set off towards Little St Bernard Pass. Unfortunately only after few minutes it started raining. Before I got on the pass, there was a petrol station, so stopped to get fuel and to clean and lube the chain in my bike. Then a group of bikers from UK appeared there, one of them on the same bike as me. Spoke to them about where I’ve been and where I’m heading to and where they been and where they are heading to, then they left, I finished lubing the chain and continued towards the pass.

It was raining and visibility was bad, so there were no any ‘breathtaking’ views on the pass, but visibility started getting better as I was going down the pass and rain stopped after a while.


Continued towards Mont Blanc, as I was getting near Mont Blanc tunnel I thought ‘wow’, especially that I didn’t think when setting off for this trip that I would actually ride through Mont Blanc, so it was rather exciting.


It was really warm in the middle of the tunnel, so it was a relief when I got out. Stopped for a small while in Chamonix, and then continued towards Nufenen Pass, which I will write about in my next post.



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