Nufenen, Grimsel, Gletsch, Furka, Oberalp Pass – Alps – Europe Motorcycle Trip Part 8

9 days, 4350 miles, 1 girl, 1 motorbike – Pyrenees and Alps – Part 8

21/06/2016 – day 7 part 2

Bourg-Saint-Maurice – Little St Bernard Pass – Mont Blanc – Nufenen Pass – Grimsel Pass – Furka Pass – Oberalp Pass – Malvaglia

Previous part up to Mont Blanc HERE

After I rode through the Mont Blanc tunnel, I stopped in Chamonix for a small while, and then continued towards Nufenen Pass. Weather was cloudy all day with rain every now and then. Shame, because views would have been a lot better on the passes if it was sunny, but it was still worth it and I can’t really complain as it was one of not many days on this trip when it was actually raining and I wasn’t sweating in my leathers like other days.

After few hours of ride (3 hours or so) I started getting closer to Nufenen Pass. Nufenen, Grimsel and Furka are close to each other so my plan was to do one pass after another, and then find somewhere to stay overnight.

There is not much more to say here, pictures say everything (and video at the end):




Nufenen Pass:


Continue towards Grimsel:


Grimsel Pass:


And then towards Furka Pass:


Unfortunately battery died in my helmet cam not long after I started riding down hill on the other side of Furka Pass, especially that views were even better on the other side. If I knew that views would be better on that side then I would have kept battery charged for later, but still I think I have managed to get the best views on the camera. Plugged camera to charge and continued towards Oberalp Pass (for some reason my cam changed colour, I think lens was dirty and it was really misty too, so not much to see here):


And here’s the video (this post starts at 3:30, about Little St Bernard Pass and Mont Blanc in my previous post):


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